The Hottest Indie Musicians You Should Be Listening to Right Now

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With some indie record that’s much cooler than mine.

“Your music taste is so basic,” your friend tells you, flicking through your Spotify playlists, finding only Disney, The Beatles and the occasional Spice Girls song.

They’re right. All the songs in your arsenal have been found either through watching Glee or because you share an Apple music account with your much cooler sister.

Fear not! In an effort to improve your street cred, Jellynote has found five indie artists you should definitely start listening to right now.

Jeremy Parsons

Three words. Endearing. As. Fuck.

I’m not sure if it’s his beard, the number of different props he uses in his videos or just the strong folk element of his music, but there’s something about Jeremy Parsons that renders him so likeable. I just want to introduce him to my mother and proudly state, “Mother, I’ve found the one.”

His single “Why is the Bluebird Blue” is a moving depiction of heartbreak with quick-witted lyrics. It rightly earned its place as a Top 20 iTunes country chart single.

Matt Westin

The last year of Matt Westin’s career has been a musical tour de force. Rising up from tragedy (the death of his father to leukaemia) and completing an album in just a year, his story is no doubt being optioned for film rights by Reece Witherspoon as I type this.

“Stomp On”, his latest single, captures the spirit of country music at its finest, placing a heavy emphasis on conveying emotion at its most raw.

Kristen Karma

After listening to a handful of Kristen Karma’s songs, I now sincerely believe that I could pen a self-help book; her lyrics are infectiously empowering. “Try” will undoubtedly be the theme tune of a Disney Channel Show very soon.

Her success is impressive; her single “Try” reached number 27 in the Top 30 iTunes Canada Pop Chart. She was also selected to play Lady Gaga’s official after party for the Joanne World Tour 2017.

I believe in Karma, do you?

Ed Roman

Ed Roman’s aesthetic screams “they don’t make them like this anymore”. And he’s right. They don’t. His songs have been played on more than 100 radio stations across North America, and 600 worldwide, he is a two-time Indie music Channel Award winner, listed as Billboard Magazine Emerging Artist and a Top 25 iTunes Canada Pop chart artist.

Roman seamlessly weaves the different styles of pop, rock, folk and country, into a tapestry of musical ingenuity.

Across the Board

Coming off the success of their third full length studio album, “Wild Ones”, Across the Board are ready to take the music industry by storm.

Don’t just take my word, here are what the critics are saying:

“The Canadian rock band offers up an ambitious rock opera that is well worth your time.” – Indiesource

“They seamlessly combine creative talents to push their pop-rock sounds to the edge of the rock ‘n roll envelope.” – imaai

“The guitarist is quite possibly the sexiest musician I have never met” – My colleague.

Is it just me or do you now feel a compulsive urge to get practicing in the hope of one day being as great as one of these artists? Why not try playing one of thousands of songs at Jellynote to get you started?

Just like all of the artists listed above, you have to start from somewhere! Check out our music theory guides in order to learn how to read sheet music!

If you enjoyed getting to know these musicians, read our interviews with Yuri Matsuura and Oleg Maximov, two musicians who are currently writing sheet music for Jellynote!

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