Building a Business Upon Passion – from our CEO

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Dear Musician,

This is my first post for Jellynote’s blog. So before I start, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you are a  customer and that you are making music. It’s my pleasure to build a business for you, so you can play your favourite songs, from your favourite artists and hopefully, at some point others can play your music too.

Here at Jellynote, we are focusing on the Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, and Bass. Providing resources for beginners, that want to master these instruments, and intermediate & expert players that want to build their repertoire. We will work towards adding all other instruments, singing, DJ’ing etc.

As the CEO of Jellynote, it’s my job to make a business out of your passion and I wanted to take a brief moment to explain to you how that works and why I hope we will be able to build a successful business because of it.

Every song on our platform is made by a person whose livelihood evolves around music. Their passion became their source of income and you probably found us because you wanted to play a song made by this person. Take Metallica for example. If you want to learn how to play their song ‘Nothing Else Matters’ through tabs, chords, video tutorial or sheet music you can go to or our iPhone app and start playing it. Or if you want the version of Sungha Jung finger style we will have it too and you can find it here: Finger style guitar Metallica Nothing Else Matters by Sungha Jung.  If you can’t read any of these formats, we have an instrument view and courses on how to read tabs, chords, and sheet music. Every time you do so, the guys from Metallica and their co-writers and composers get paid.

The ‘music industry’ is how writers, composers, performing artists and of course all other people (like me) that work in this space make their money. Today you can play around 400.000 songs on Jellynote. These songs are written and composed by someone who gave a so-called ‘Music Publisher’ the task to collect royalties every time that the lyrics and the composition are used. In the case of Jellynote, this is when you are using our platform to understand how you can play that song through a video master class, sheet music, tabs, chords etc. We have the most popular songs available for beginner, intermediate and expert Guitar, Piano, Ukulele and Bass players.

When you use Jellynote ‘FREE’, you are served advertising which pays for this use of copyright. When you use Jellynote ‘PREMIUM’  you pay directly to the artists for using their work. We split revenue with the artists and what is left of your money we use to build the video master classes, sheet music, tabs and chords, the apps and the websites that you use to play & learn. Jellynote is a fully licensed service and engages directly with artists and the businesses that work on behalf of the artists to collect their income.

It’s my dream to make Jellynote the place where all artists share their knowledge on how to make music and how to play their songs and inspire the next generation of passionate people, like yourself.

Have a nice day and have fun playing with Jellynote.

Martijn Tjho

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