9 of the Most Talented Artists that Ever Lived (Plus Justin Bieber)

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Seeing as it’s raining outside and there really wasn’t anything remotely good on the TV, I got bored and decided to compile a list of some of my favorite musicians. There are some obvious choices, some guilty pleasures and some which will make you feel warm and mushy inside (see: Ed Sheeran).



Adele is one of the most talented singers of our generation. While other artists feel the need to hide behind costumes and gimmicks, Adele’s performances are raw. She is occasionally pure rage, often pure sadness and always pure magic. By far her most likeable quality is her humility. Lest we forget the time she met the Spice Girls backstage at their reunion concert and was fangirling as much as the rest of us. We’re still hoping she’ll join the band to be honest. Plus “Skyfall” will go down in history as one of the best movie theme songs of all time.


Radiohead inspired a generation of teenage angst. And young adult angst.

“And middle-aged angst,” my boss shouts from across the office. Yikes.

The Beatles

Ah, the Fab Four. A group of four strangely similar-looking men from Liverpool who altered the face of music forever. My favorite? “Something”. Understated. Contained. Beautiful. Perfect for the first dance at a wedding. Check out my list of other great songs to play at your wedding.

The Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins made anger cool. Their music allowed us to connect with our inner freak. I don’t even like The Smashing Pumpkins that much and in some way that’s what I admire most about them. They didn’t give a shit about being liked. Also, their cover of “Landslide” wasn’t half bad.

Justin Bieber

Regardless of whether you love Bieber or hate him, “Baby” is a sweet song that doesn’t take itself too seriously (see the lyric: “She woke me up daily / Don’t need no Starbucks”). Hopefully, we can look back on “Baby” with the same fondness and wisdom with which we look back on our first love: yes, it wasn’t perfect, but perhaps we could have handled the situation a bit more maturely (rather than spamming the YouTube comments section with hate).

Bruce Springsteen

A face that launched a thousand ships…and Courteney Cox’s career. For many, Bruce Springsteen is the full package: his charm, his talent, his tight-fitting jeans…what’s not to love?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a force to be reckoned with. Her performances at events such as the NewNowNext Awards (her televised début) and the MTV Video Music Awards (also known as the time she faked her own death on stage) showcase her theatricality, but her most impressive performance is her homage to “The Sound of Music” at the 2014 Academy Awards. Four years before the world went mad for “Shallow”, Gaga, stripped of her usual costumes and gimmicks, reminded us of the power of live performance and its ability to move and inspire. She was spectacular. An unforgettable moment of music history.

Ed Sheeran

I quite like Ed Sheeran. He’s quite nice really. That will be all.


Another iconic British band, who did their duty for Queen and country. My favorite moment? Freddie’s vocal improv at Wembley Stadium. Mercury cements his status as a legend, proving he doesn’t even need to sing actual words for the audience to hang off his every syllable. A testament to his skill both as a singer and as an entertainer. Bravo.


Dodgy haircuts and music videos that look like a 12-year old was tasked with capturing his most Freudian fears on video aside, who doesn’t like a bit of Oasis? Particularly because certain members of the band (ahem Tony) look so confused in every music video, as if someone forgot to tell them that they are famous? If Tony McCarroll happens to be reading this, we know who you are! Everyone knows who you are! You can be friends with Taylor Swift now!

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Happy Practicing!

The Jellynote Team x

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