4 Super Easy Songs for the Complete Piano Beginner

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If you’re here I’m guessing you’re a piano beginner and you’ve been meaning to learn how to play a few songs on the piano for a while now but each time you get round to it you look down at the sea of white and black keys and have no clue where to start. This blog is here to help you break out of your complete piano beginner cycle and get you moving and improving on your musical journey.

Here are 4 super easy songs for you to be able to play even if you’re a complete beginner! If you don’t know how to read music then on Jellynote you can bring up the virtual piano view to see exactly where to put your fingers, easy!

Beginner piano - virtual instrument


1) Let Her Go – Passenger

This is an easy version of the wonderful song by Passenger, Let Her Go.

There are no sharps or flats to worry about and most of the time the two hands are played seperately. There are numbers marked on the sheet music to help you know which note to play (with thumbs being 1 and little fingers 5).

Notes with a double tail (the first 6 notes in this song) and a quarter beat so need to be played faster than the notes with one tail which equal a half note. Notes with no tail equate to one beat and notes that hail no tail and aren’t colored in are two beats. If you find counting in your head difficult then why not use our free Jelly Metronome app? It’s available on Android and Apple.

Find the easy piano sheet music for Let Her Go by Passenger here!

Watch our tutorial and learn how to play Let Her Go!


2) The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel

Make some noise with this classic hit by Simon & Garfunkel – the sound of silence.

Again there are no sharps or flats to worry about and the majority of the time the left hand is played separate from the right hand. A slower tune then Let Her Go the notes for the right hand go up as a chord most of the time (meaning you play one note, then skip a note to play the next note, so it is easy for your finger positioning as you’ll use the pattern of 1, 1, 3, 3, 5, 5, 4 four times in this piece.

Find the easy piano sheet music for Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel here!

Watch the full tutorial for Sound of Silence here:


3) Love Story – Taylor Swift

piano beginner - b flat

Introduction of B flat – you can see that is a flat included as it’s the little b you’ll see in between the clef and the time signature. On the piano it is the black key to the left of the B note.

The majority of the song is just single notes played by both hands so is a good practice for bringing the right and the left hand together especially after you have mastered Let Her Go and Sound of Silence. A lot of the notes on the left hand are repetitive whilst the right hand plays the melody.

Find the easy piano sheet music for Love Story by Taylor Swift here!


4) Story of My Life – One Direction

Introduction of the F# (the black key to the right of the F). Slightly more complicated as the right and left hand don’t always match up but the left hand has a sort of repetitive arpeggio of the same beat so once you’ve practiced this hand separately you should have no problem playing the two hands at once!

Find the easy piano sheet music for Story of My Life by One Direction here!


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