Top 11 Coolest Bass Guitar Solos

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Often overlooked, the bass guitar is a key addition to adding rhythm and funk to a song, it is more than just a guitar with less strings, it has a different tone and feel. Bassists such as John Entwistle and Cliff Burton helped to change everyone’s perception of the bass by highlighting it’s melodic potential. A good bass line will shake your core and help you to really feel the music. So here are the top 11 coolest bass guitar solos where the bassists really helped to surpass and rule over the other instruments.

Top 11 Coolest Bass Guitar Solos:

11. Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes (Jack White)

An easy to learn well-known song with an extra funky bass guitar solo.

Bass Tabs – Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

10. Around the World – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Flea)

Just check Flea rocking out on the bass guitar solo!

Bass Tabs – Around the World – Red Hot Chili Peppers


9. Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith (Tom Hamilton)

A beautifully melodic bass line.

Bass Tabs – Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith


8.Day Tripper – The Beatles (Paul McCartney)

Another great bass tab within it’s own right without the need of other instruments to accompany it for you to recognize the song. You can try this out even if your fairly new to the bass.

Bass Tabs – Day Tripper – The Beatles

7. Stay Clean – Motorhead (Lemmy Kilmister)

A massively badass bass guitar solo from Motorhead’s groundbreaking 1979 album Overkill.

Bass Tabs – Stay Clean – Motorhead


6. Don’t Forget Me – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Flea)

One of my favorite bassists thanks to his never-ending enthusiasm, Don’t Forget Me would be nothing without the tuneful beats of the bass.

Bass Tabs – Don’t Forget Me – Red Hot Chili Peppers


5. The Lemon Song – Led Zeppelin (John Paul Jones)

A super funky bass guitar solo that you’ll have lots of fun learning.

Bass Tabs – The Lemon Song – Led Zeppelin


4. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash (Marshall Grant)

An extremely recognizable solo right at the start of the song, giving the bass the glory it deserves.

Bass Tabs – Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash


3. My Generation – The Who (John Entwistle)

Who bassist John Entwistle helped to bring the bass into the spotlight by changing people’s ideas about its role in rock music. My Generation has by far one of the best rock’n’roll bass guitar solos.

Bass Tabs – My Generation – The Who


2. Anethesia (Pulling Teeth) – Metallica (Cliff Burton)

Burton was well known for his signature playing style which expanded the bass from its traditional role as a standard rhythmic element into the melodic territory usually reserved for the lead guitar. Just check him out in the video!

Bass Tabs – Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) – Metallica


1. Under Pressure – Queen (John Deacon)

An iconic bass guitar solo of which the song wouldn’t be the same without.

Bass Tabs – Under Pressure – Queen

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