For Advanced Guitar Players: Jimi Hendrix

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Jellynote has been around for several years now. Many first-time musicians have moved on to become amazing players in that time. As you know from a recent blog post, our focus has always been on beginners. When we looked at what our million-plus monthly visitors search for on, we wanted to gauge the interest for sheet music for advanced guitar players.

In this first effort to create content that matches the skill level of more mature players, we picked an all-time favorite – Jimi Hendrix – and transcribed his most iconic solos just for you. Each and every note he played, you now can play with these freshly adapted pieces of sheet music.

We’ll be rolling the songs out over the course of the next few weeks and look forward to seeing and hearing you play Jimi’s classic hits.

Can’t wait to get started? Head over to and play a song today. We have hundreds of thousands of songs in our ever expanding catalog, and even more great content for you to learn when you become a premium member of our global community.

Be sure to share your videos with us through Twitter or Facebook and let us know your thoughts.

Happy playing!

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