Beginner Musician’s Journey: Choosing your instrument

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I feel like a fraud, calling myself a beginner musician. In my mind, a Musician is a person who is naturally intwined in their instrument. They and It are one and make sweet music together. Musician’s are creative, socially attractive and ‘cool’. A few of many reasons I would like to teach myself to play.

I had 3 violin lessons at 5 years old and a dozen piano lessons at 6 years old, but that was the extent of my learning. I have got to a stage in my life (thirty something) where I feel now would be a good time to learn to play an instrument. Somehow, I believe somewhere hidden within me, is an extraordinary musical talent waiting to be unearthed. The question is, which instrument is going to release my hidden voice? I want something that is affordable, portable, sounds nice (when mastered), fits my physique and fits my personality… the answer is the Ukulele.

My Musician friends and colleagues scoff when I tell them my choice. The Ukulele appears to have a bad rap and is not considered as a serious member of the instrument family. I, however, am a big fan. The Uke is fun, versatile (it works for Beatles covers through to Queen, with some Animals in between).  I now have in my possession a beautiful pink Mahalo, waiting for her and I to begin our musical journey together.

My next step is to take the plunge and play. With no prior music reading ability (sheet music confounds me), my first port of call will be tutorials such as the awesome Tyler who makes it look so effortless and cool!

I will report back with my progress… wish me luck!

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