You’ve bought a guitar, now what?

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Just bought a guitar and not sure where to start? Well if you’re a budding beginner guitarist then check out our steps (including tutorials and links to easy tabs and chords!) to get you playing!

Make sure your guitar’s in tune

The strings are named E A D G B E (from thick to thin). By tightening or loosening the pegs on the head of the guitar you can change the pitch of the note of each string. Be careful not to tighten the string too much or too fast or it might snap!

Watch our tutorial on how to tune your guitar:


Learn and remember the different frets

Each fret is divided by a bar on the neck of the guitar. Fret 1 is the fret nearest the head of the guitar with the tuning pegs. Frets 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 and 15 are each marked with a little dot. Check out the image below if you’re not sure.


Learn how to play 8 simple chords


These 8 chords are easy on your fingers and also appear in lots of songs, check out the top 10 easy guitar songs  that every beginner guitarist should play knowing only these chords.

Learn C D G chords with our tutorial:


Practice changing chords

Being able to play the chords means nothing if you can’t effectively change from one to another. Check out this guide to practicing chord changes.


Practice basic strumming patterns

Once you know what you’re doing with your left hand you need to start practicing your strumming rhythm. Check out these top tips on guitar strumming patterns.


Learn how to read a tab

A tab will have six horizontal lines, these represent the six strings . The high E (thinnest string, known as the bottom string) will be the top line of the tab. The tab will have numbers written on the lines and these represent the different frets. Read more about how to read a tab here, or watch our tutorial:

Start learning songs with Jellynote with our easy guitar tabs collection, perfect for the beginner guitarist!

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