5 Tricks to Start Playing (Again!)

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1.   Costume

What makes me go out for a run when that’s the last thing I feel like doing? I put on my running shoes. That alone does the trick most of the time: it triggers the sensation of the road rolling out gently underneath my feet and, all of a sudden, I’m ready to go. Dust off that Ramones T-shirt and those black Converses, turn up your amp (or crank up the volume of your electric Piano if that’s your thing), and come to Jellynote.com to rock out with your favourite songs!

2.   New gear

No, this does not mean go out and buy that 3000$ Les Paul you have been drooling after for the last 10 years (although that will certainly do the trick, for a while). Sometimes it can be as simple as changing the strings on your instrument or getting a new effects pedal. You want to-finally- learn to play Purple Rain? Get yourself a Flanger, and the sound will be instant inspiration

3.   Friends, new and old

Get together with someone else and have a project. That can be anything: from learning to play a few songs at someone’s party to putting back the “old band” you had in school. Motivation brings and supports motivation in a virtuous circle. If you’d like to find kindred spirits, you should give a try to Jellynote’s social feature on your mobile device: it will show people in your local area with the same musical tastes as you.

4.   Keep your instrument out of its case

This one says it all in the title, really. I got this tip many years ago from the Jazz Guitar great, and good friend, Garrison Fewell. After 30 years as a professional musician, having toured the world many times and played with all the greats, he still kept his precious Gibson L4 out of its case. He said you should always remove any friction between you and picking up your instrument.

5.   Have fun

There are no more grade exams. Or homework from the piano teacher. Or solfege and fingering exercises. Embrace this new environment and be ambitious, have fun. You will make sound with your fingers, isn’t that already amazing? Choose a song that you always wanted to learn. Yes, that one with the strange chords in it, and the tricky chorus. Yes, that one: because you love it, because it means something to you. Head over to Jellynote.com: chances are that with more than 500.000 songs in our library, you will find it!


Nick M.

Music Director @Jellynote



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