Jellydate Episode 3: What You’ve Missed Last Week

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Happy Monday, everyone! Have you been gigging or practicing this weekend? Maybe you caught a festival… Whatever it may have been, hopefully, it was full of music.

It’s been a busy week in Music; we lost a phenomenal performer, singer or Linkin Park, and all round great human being, Chester Bennington; learned about secret songs made by David Bowie and Queen; Despacito became the most streamed song ever.

Every Friday we recap the week for you with what we think you ought to know about music, culture, and Jellynote, in a video series we call Jellydate.

Check out more cool news on our Facebook page, and let us know your ideas how we can improve future Jellydates.

We also compiled a super cool top 10 ukulele covers video to get you inspired for this week. Happy playing!

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