Work On What Needs Work: how to escape your musical maze.

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If you want to start playing music today, right now, you are spoiled for choices. All kinds of resources are available online, videos, tutorials, tabs, covers, gear reviews. On any device, all the time. But with so much out there, the level of noise also grows with the number of voices giving aspiring musicians advice.

On top of all this noise, musicians of any skill level will always have in the back of their mind the same questions: “Is what I am doing really useful? Am I progressing? Is my pace too slow?”

In my time at Berklee College if I could save just one piece of advice I got from all my amazing teachers it would be this: “Work on what needs work: progress will take care of itself”.

If you stop for a moment and think about this phrase you’ll quickly realise how much wisdom it carries: forget about progress anxiety, forget about finding the right way to approach to your instrument (incidentally there isn’t one: there is only your way). When you focus on your weak spots and turn them into strengths, progress is always natural, automatic. Not easy maybe, but surely worth it!

But to do this, and for someone who is maybe picking up an instrument for the first time, you need the right guide. Who can you trust? How can you be sure that the advice distributed so eagerly everywhere comes from a real expert? And is it right for you?

That’s what a great teacher does, she changes her approach with every student, tailoring the learning path to each, giving all the tools needed and demonstrating by example things that she has complete mastery of, showing a path- but never forcing it.

Here a Jellynote, we are trying do just that, giving our users all the tools they need: full sheet music, transcriptions, arrangements, video tutorials and masterclasses from amazing artists, plus playback tracks for half a million songs. To do this properly and earn our users’ confidence we partner with the world’s biggest publishers so that our content comes from a trusted source.

If you’re confused or frustrated trying to navigate your musical maze, drop by our site or download our app, we can help.

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