11 Most Inspiring Piano Movie Soundtracks to Play

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Movies would not be the same without music. Music adds life and soul to a film, it creates suspense, confirms love and fuels your imagination. Without music those chill-inspiring moments of a movie would be just moments… There are many inspirational movie soundtracks, but here are our top 11 piano movie soundtracks. Learn to play them on piano by clicking on the link.

Top 11 Most Inspiring Piano Movie Soundtracks

11) Amelie

Written specifically for the piano this beautiful piece in a minor key inspires curiosity and warmth.

Piano sheet music – Comptine d’un autre été : L’Après-midi – Yann Tiersen


10) Avatar

Completely magical!

Piano sheet music – I See You -James Horner


9) Pirates of the Caribbean

A song filled with adventure, this piece brims with excitement and exploration and is a fun and extremely fast score to learn!

Piano sheet music – He’s a Pirate – Klaus Badelt


8) Twilight

An emotional, heart-touching piece guaranteed to give you tingles! Yiruma is an absolutely amazing Korean composer, it is definitely worth checking out his other pieces!

Piano sheet music – River Flows in You (Bella’s Lullaby) – Yiruma

7) Up

Not many songs can you fill with so many different emotions, this is a thoroughly heart warming piece that shows just how important the tempo is to portraying mood.

Piano sheet music – Married Life – Michael Giacchino

6) Titanic

An absolute classic and surprisingly easy to play!

Piano Sheet music – My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion


5) Harry Potter

So many people grew up reading and watching Harry Potter and John Williams compositions just perfectly match the mix of darkness and light in these films. Hearing Hedwig’s theme just brings me back to my childhood!

Piano sheet music – Hedwig’s Theme – John Williams


4) Forrest Gump

Such a delicate song that resonates the innocence of childhood, perfect song to learn on the piano with it underlining the importance of a single lone note.

Piano sheet music – I’m Forrest Gump – Alan Silvestri


3) Jurassic Park

An absolutely iconic composition by John Williams and one of my favorite classical pieces. It oozes amazement and triumph and is just simply epic.

Piano sheet music – Jurassic Park Theme – John Williams


2) Gladiator

I get chills every time I hear this song, simply beautiful. I bet you’re picturing the calm crop fields softly dancing in the wind!

Piano sheet music – Now We Are Free – Hans Zimmer


1) The Lord of the Rings

I absolutely love the Lord of the Rings soundtrack with ‘Concerning Hobbits’ being my all time favorite. You can really feel the happiness, friendship and nature of this piece that brings peace to your heart.

Piano sheet music – Concerning Hobbits – Howard Shore


What would your top movie soundtracks be?

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